Making S’mores interactive and fun in a retail setting.

Making S’mores interactive and fun in a retail setting.


In the ever-competitive retail market, breaking through the clutter is never simple. Faced with the challenge of how to make Hershey’s and s’mores top-of-mind for consumers in Sam’s Club, Integritas created “Smile for a S’more,” an interactive in-store proof of concept.
The in-store promotion would allow a consumer to interact with the brand by using a smile to build an interactive s’more. The more a consumer smiles, the more Hershey’s would be added to the s’more.
The technology behind the promotion is based on a combination of interactive touchscreen systems and facial recognition technology that can detect features and characteristics about the consumer at the point of engagement.


  • User experience (UX)
  • In-store display
  • Facial recognition


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