CM Connect

Online and mobile community to quickly connect employers to local, relevant case managers when an insurance claim is filed.


Injury Management System (IMS) partnered with Integritas to find a solution to the high costs and time required by employers when trying to find a case worker to support an injured worker insurance claim.

The solution was CM Connect, a web and mobile accessible community that allows employers to find a case manager in the region, state or city they are needed –  a critical cost-savings factors considering up to 30% of the employer is case manager travel time and expenses.

CM Connect doesn’t stop at just the initial connection but provides a communication platform so that employers and case managers can have direct in-tool dialogue and case tracking – significantly minimizing the time required by employers to track down status and respond to questions.


We have experience in several domain areas, giving us deep insight into our clients' unique challenges and how to comprehensively address them.

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